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the complete solution to your collections and home inventory management needs, all on a Private Cloud

When you Collectify
your possessions,
nothing goes unknown.

Whether storing receipts and warranties, tracking auction prices or emailing reports, Collectify offers the most comprehensive cataloguing software at the most affordable price. Now Collectify lends its expertise to household documentation with the revolutionary Collectify Home Inventory.

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Welcome Ambassadors! Jamie Novak

“[Collectify] is an excellent software program used by many collectors whose inventory needs have grown beyond a do-it-yourself system.”

Michael Mendelsohn,“ Life Is Short, Art Is Long ” (Wealth Management Press, 2007)

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Your own personal curator.

The easiest and most comprehensive software to manage everything about your fine collections.

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  • Can a spreadsheet play the music from your antique phonograph? Collectify your phonograph and enjoy!
  • Which painting went to the restorer? Which to the summer home? Which to the kids? Collectify it and you'll know!
  • Glad you bought when you did? Record the market prices as they rise!
  • Is there a family member, an accountant or insurance agent out there who should know about what you own?
  • Are you sure your kids know what goes on a pedestal and what goes in a garage sale? Be sure with Collectify.

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Collectify Home Inventory

Simplify … Organize … Protect.

Software to document your home and its contents.

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“Collectify has made home inventory a breeze. It has never been simpler to organize and protect everything you care about.”
Jamie Novak, Chief Organizing Officer
Author of 1,000 Best Organizing Secrets and The Get Organized Answer Book

Easy to use
Photograph your home’s contents. Drag and drop digital photos into Collectify Home Inventory.

Documents too
Save digital copies of all your receipts, manuals, warranties and other important peronal and household documents.

Keep your belongings organized
Always know where to find your important documents and valuables.

Peace of mind
The fastest way to recover from any loss is to have adequate insurance and an up-to-date home inventory.

Create value and good will
A completed home inventory can help you determine what to keep, what to sell, and what to donate to charity.

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Why do I need collection management software?

Look around your home. Are you a collector? Stuff stored everywhere? What if your neighborhood flooded? How much do you have invested in suits, shoes, home electronics, collectibles, rugs, or art? With Collectify or Collectify Home Inventory, you'll always know what you have, where it is, and what it's worth.

Simply list your objects - or create a detailed database with photos documenting everything from the provenance of the object, to its location in your home, to the shipping bills related to its restoration — let Collectify and Collectify Home Inventory simplify … organize … protect.